Amanda's Work with Children

Amanda works extensively with young children (ages nine and younger) and their parents. Such concentrated focus has allowed her to develop the specific therapeutic methods that this age group requires. Amanda coaches, provides hands-on problem resolution, and helps children develop emotional and relational skills.

Amanda has treated a wide variety of childhood problems. The following are the most common:

  • Children who have experienced all forms of trauma, anxiety
  • Difficulty with sensory processing, emotional regulation, communication
  • Negative emotions or behaviors that parents cannot resolve

To help her young clients and their parents from as many angles as possible, Amanda collaborates with school teachers, counselors, and social workers. Together, therapy, family life, and the school environment can provide a positive, structured environment where the child is able to develop.

Amanda's Work with Couples

Intimate relationships require maintenance and attention. This is not easy, as each partner must negotiate his or her needs with those of their partner and with the relationship they share with the other. When couples experience conflict, this give-and-take has fallen out of balance.

Amanda helps the individuals in an intimate relationship understand this optimal balance. In therapy, partners work to rise above their immediate conflicts so that they may find the common ground that brought them together. Committed partners develop understanding and perspective, the building blocks of healthy, happy relationships.

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