Solutions for Couples

Today’s relationships demand flexibility and patience amid the constant demands of work, family, and community. All loving couples experience difficult times – sometimes even conflict that seems irresolvable. The professionals at Hinsdale Therapy Group help couples rediscover common ground and renew the love that pulls them together.

Strength to Connect, Strength to Face Challenges Together
Couples therapy is a safe environment where you and your partner can discuss each of your perspectives. The therapist’s neutral position allows him or her to identify common ground and sources of conflict. Therapy also helps couples learn new means of connection.

In an emotionally-charged conflict, it is easy to focus on the faults of the other – what the other person is doing wrong – which is divisive. At Hinsdale Therapy Group, your therapist will direct each person to focus on him- or herself – his or her underlying feelings, needs, and anxieties – in order to decrease blame and increase productive and loving communication.

Building from the Past, Growing into the Future

You and your partner learned the basics of family life from your relationships with your parents and siblings. We will look for insight into how these communication patterns influence your relationship today. You and your partner will learn how to communicate more effectively every day and in emotionally-charged situations. Understanding and observation help couples solve problems and negotiate to help ensure that each other's needs are met.

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