Q: Describe your overall therapeutic approach.

A: I use developmental, systems and cognitive-behavioral perspectives. This combination helps me truly identify each clients' needs. Once our goals are set-my job is to accomplish them in the shortest, most action oriented way, in a supportive environment. 

Q: What sort of issues have your clients faced?

A: I've seen patients with all ranges of challenges-from  anxiety and/or  trauma, issues with sensory processing, emotional regulation, social issues and everything in between. 

Q: Do you have experience working with children?

A: Yes, I have worked extensively with children and adolescents. I have always had a natural affinity for kids-admiring their energy and innocence. I was able to specialize my clinical training in child and adolescent development and family issues, which is fairly unique.

Q: How would a typical session with children work?

A: In most cases, we'd start out by identifying the troublesome behavioral and/or emotional issues. We would then design a tailored, age appropriate treatment plan and start working. A huge factor in our success is working as a team. I provide parents and family members with hands-on problem resolution and coaching. They need to put it into practice in the day-to-day.

Q: What's the best part of your job?  

A: So many things.  But I think at the heart is always the inspiration I draw from my clients. Therapy isn't easy breezy. But with it can come great things. I watch my clients grow, realizing their strength and resilience. It makes everything so worthwhile. 

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