Solutions for Adults

Hinsdale Therapy Group helps adults achieve resolution in a wide array of situations such as when:

  • experiencing personal crisis
  • feeling depressed or anxious 
  • having difficulty with intimate relationships
  • desiring personal growth

Depending on your needs and goals, together we may examine historical forces that shaped you (e.g., your childhood, family influences and/or significant events). And, we will focus on exploring the forces that affect you today, identifying solutions and building skills. 

Defining Who You Want to Be

None of us lives in a vacuum. The context in which we live our lives affects us profoundly. By gaining greater awareness and understanding of how the context of your past and present affects you, you will come to learn how you, in turn, affect the world around you, and therefore how you can influence it more consciously and constructively.

As you understand this big picture, you will be empowered to build the life you want. And throughout the process of therapy, you will develop skills that help you feel more confident, enjoy life more, have healthier relationships, and ensure that your needs are met.