My wife and I were going through a trial separation. While we were all suffering, our 8-year-old daughter was having an especially hard time. A friend referred us to Amanda at HTG. Amanda was able to establish an instant connection with our daughter. She started to identify some of the fears that she had been experiencing, which in turn, made us more attentive to her needs. Amanda gave us concrete strategies that helped us strengthen the bond between us and our daughter. Amanda was the bridge that made this happen and we are forever grateful.
— W.E.
Our marriage was crumbling. Lack of communication, infidelity, money problems - you name it. There was so much resentment between us that we certainly were not being effective parents. A friend, who knew our situation, referred us to Rachelle at HTG. Immediately, we could see a light at the end of the tunnel. She had us shift our energies into thinking about what we wanted as a family. We realized that the hopes and dreams for our kids had never changed. Rachelle gave us strategies to help us co-parent. It wasn’t easy, but we made it work. We now see Rachelle as an extension of our family - the sane, wise and knowledgeable one.
— T.R.
It’s hard for me to put into words what Rachelle means to me. I cannot recommend her highly enough. My life was spinning out of control. I needed to make some major some life changes, but just the thought of it seemed daunting. When I started working with Rachelle, I was able to start facing my fears and move forward. No matter how gigantic or trivial my problems seemed, Rachelle helped me work through them. It took hard work and commitment, but with her as my guiding light, I was able to do it. I will always be thankful to Rachelle for helping me put my life back together.
— R.S.
My husband was dead-set against couples therapy. I dragged him in reluctantly to meet with Julie. I think it was her intelligence, honesty, and practical approach that hooked him in. He liked that she was tough. She didn’t let us take the easy way out or duck hard questions. Yet, she was always respectful and kind. She really created a space for my husband to open himself up and to see the value in it. Without a doubt, we both would highly recommend Julie for anyone looking to improve their marriage.
— F.C.
I had been in therapy before, but when I started working with Julie it was just so transforming. After only a handful of sessions, she began to point things out about myself, or lead me to see things about myself, that I had never recognized or understood prior, especially with regard to deep-seated beliefs and attitudes that were controlling my feelings beneath my awareness. I had been in therapy before, and am a pretty insightful person, but my therapy with Julie was at another level. She has a combination of empathy, experience, knowledge, and an intense ability to focus that enabled her to take in everything I said, efficiently distinguish the important things from the distractions, and give me the perspective to make amazing connections and profoundly deepen my self-understanding. When I came to the key insights that arose from my work with her, I always had the strong sense that she had arrived there long before, but had helped me develop the ability to figure it out for myself.
— G.V.
Working with Amanda was such a positive experience. She was so refreshingly solution-oriented. She always saw my issues so extremely clearly that they became clear to me, too. She helped me change the things I could and to accept the things I had no control over. That’s what she was about. I would give her the highest rating possible.
— K.L.