Julie helps individuals and couples overcome anxiety, emotional struggle, depression, difficult losses or life transitions and relationship problems. Her broad foundation of experience ensures that all clients come away with practical skills that promote positive change.

Individual Adults

Julie uses a here-and-now approach that helps her clients mobilize their current strengths. In therapy, her clients learn how to augment these attributes with new skills and self-awareness that help them manage and overcome problems.

Julie welcomes the inclusion of family and friends in her clients’ therapy sessions. Often, a client’s loved ones can play an important role in therapy. Working together, the source and meaning of the problem can become clearer, opening more doors to effective pathways for change.

In addition, involving select family and friends combats a client’s sense of isolation and decreases the feeling of powerlessness often experienced by those close to him or her, resulting in a more effective therapy.

Women's Issues

Women face tremendous challenges in their everyday lives. In some ways, now more than ever.  Obstacles such as negative body image or cultural expectations of womanhood and motherhood can affect a woman’s self-esteem and confidence. These issues can also influence her ability to enjoy the success that she has achieved.

Julie has worked with women of all ages. No matter what issue you are struggling with, she assures you that you are not alone. HTG is proud to provide women a therapist of Julie’s understanding and expertise. We encourage you to use her insight as your resource to better living.


In her couples practice, Julie emphasizes self-awareness. She guides couples in developing skills that help them manage strong emotions, improve communication, and build intimacy.  In therapy, partners develop awareness of the competing demands that work, home life, and extended family make upon each of them and on the relationship. Julie teaches couples how to manage and balance these competing demands.

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