Solutions For Schools

Hinsdale Therapy Group helps schools achieve their mission: education. With therapists who specialize in early childhood and adolescent age groups, we are ready to serve the needs of school social workers and their students.

A Resource For Educators, Students & Families
The HTG philosophy is particularly attractive to schools because it considers the larger context in which students exist: family, friends, school, and community. To the extent permitted (by law, and by each client’s parents), we coordinate our work with that of the school. Our intention is to consult with those who best know the child and to keep them appraised of their student’s progress, thereby providing a seamless, supportive experience for the student.

Therapists at HTG make every effort to involve parents in the student’s therapeutic process. Strong structure and healthy family relationships are essential for every child. With a strong home support network, we hope to relieve many of the extracurricular pressures that educators face.