Q & A with Rachelle


Q: What is your approach to therapy? 

A: My approach is individualized to every client. Each person is unique and each therapeutic approach is equally so. I start where the client is and trust that the client will let me know where they want to go in therapy. I do short-term work with clients dealing with a specific current issue they are wrestling through as well as longer-term work with clients who may need or want to deal with underlying problems that are contributing to their struggles. In general, I help my clients address issues past and present so they can gain increased self-awareness and skills, which will guide them in living authentically and consistently with their preferred view of self.

Q: What made you get into the field?

A: I have always been fascinated with the field of psychology and the incredibly complex process of how people come to be who they are. I appreciate how experiences and relationships have an impact on a person’s development and approach to life. I care deeply about the lives of others and I am passionate about empowering others to reach their potential and achieve their chosen goals. A career as a psychotherapist seemed to naturally flow from my interests and passion.

Q: What types of struggles do clients bring to you?

A: I work with people from all walks of life who are experiencing a wide range of problems. I help clients who are feeling stuck in a specific, present-day issue or transition as well as with clients experiencing problems of a more traumatic, chronic or severe nature.

Q: Why do you love the work you do?

A:  I love helping others explore their potential and strive for the best in themselves. It is gratifying to see people reach their goals and construct healthy, self-fulfilling realities. I am consistently impressed by people’s resiliency and capacity to overcome difficult times or to move their lives in a new, positive direction. 

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