Therapy for Children

Family Therapy For parents and children to address poor communication, behavioral problems, and conflict. The therapist provides a voice to each family member, facilitates healthy interactions, explores and identifies developmental needs of family members, and facilitates independent growth and harmonious functioning within the family.

Play Therapy & Coaching  For young children to facilitate the expression of feelings and the development of problem-solving and coping skills. In play, children can share their thoughts and feelings in a non-direct, non-threatening manner. Coaching can be provided to the child to facilitate the development of social, emotional, and behavioral skills. Additionally, parents will learn to successfully coach their children.

Parenting Skills Training  Learn how to be the most effective parent for the specific needs of your child. The therapist will assess the needs of your child along with parents and then model and teach the most effective style and skills for meeting the emotional and behavioral needs of your child.